Soccer: FIGC chief Gravina appeals to Draghi over Euros

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(ANSA) – ROME, APR 12 – Italian Soccer Federation (FIGC)
President Gabriele Gravina wrote a letter to Premier Mario
Draghi at the weekend appealing to the government to take the
necessary measures to ensure that UEFA confirms that Rome will
host the opening match of this summer’s European championships
and the other three games scheduled to take place in the Italian
capital, ANSA sources said Monday.
    UEFA wants the Italian authorities to give the OK to having
Rome’s Stadio Olimpico 25% full for the Euro 2020 games to be
able to keep them.
    In the letter Gravina said the FIGC would “rigorously respect”
any conditions the government wanted to impose.
    Sports Undersecretary Valentina Vezzali “work with everything I
have so that there is the green light for these four games to
take place in Italy”.
    “The European soccer championships are an important opportunity
for our country,” she said.
    “They can give out a signal of revival and stress the importance
of continuing to host important events like the ones we are
    “We are working on it”. (ANSA).


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