‘IoApro’ protesters throw objects at cops

Weird Italy 65e848fb84b8c59e70bf2f637baed1d8 'IoApro' protesters throw objects at cops What happened in Italy today

(ANSA) – ROME, APR 12 – ‘IoApro’ (IOpen) anti-lockdown
protesters threw firecrackers and objects at police in Rome’s
San Silvestro square on Monday.
    The demonstrators, some wearing handcuffs and many with their
hands raised, asked to be able to head towards the parliament
    They were met by police in riot gear.
    the IoApro protest has been organised mainly by restaurateurs
and bar and gym owners chafing at long COVID-linked closures.
    Militants from the far-right CasaPound group joined the
hospitality operators, as they did in a protest that turned ugly
in Rome last week with seven people arrested and one police
officer taken to hospital.
    “Reopenings now!” and “Freedom!”, the protesters shouted.


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