Draghi blasts COVID vaccine queue jumpers

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(ANSA) – ROME, APR 9 – Premier Mario Draghi has blasted individuals and groups of people who use their contacts and influence to get the COVID-19 vaccine before their turn.
    “Where is the conscience of the people who jump the queue, knowing hat they are leaving fragile people exposed to the risk of death?” Draghi told a new conference on Thursday.
    The premier added that the target of getting the vaccination campaign up to 500,000 shots a day would be met even though the plan has had to be rejigged after the decision to recommend the AstraZeneca jab only to over-60s.
    “The availability of the vaccines has not fallen,” he said.
    “I have no doubt that the targets will be achieved”.
    Draghi said the aim was to have all of Italy’s over-80s and most of the over-75s vaccinated for the coronavirus by the end of April. (ANSA).


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