Muslim girl held by family to stop her seeing Hindu boy

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(ANSA) – AREZZO, APR 8 – A Muslim girl was held captive by
her family to stop her seeing a Hindu boy, Italian police
reported Thursday.
    The incident happened in the Tuscan city of Arezzo last weekend,
they said.
    The girl managed to get an email to Carabinieri who came and
freed the Pakistani girl, who had been frequenting an Indian
boy, sources said.
    The family had confiscated the girl’s mobile phone and only let
her out of the house under family escort. on very few occasions,
police said.
    She sent the email on a computer she was being allowed to use
for distance learning, police said.
    The girl has been taken to a children’s home.
    She told police her family said they would take her to Pakistan
if she kept seeing the boy, and even threatened to kill them
    She had been going out with the boy for about a year and “everything was going well until they found out his religion”,
she reportedly told police.
    Police said they were investigating and might well press charges
against the family, especially the girl’s father and brothers.


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