Italy resident travel fell to all-time low in 2020-ISTAT

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(ANSA) – ROME, APR 8 – Travel by residents in Italy fell to
an all-time low in 2020 because of the COVID emergency, ISTAT
said Thursday.
    Travel for holidays fell by 44.8% last year, and travel for work
fell by 67.9%, compared to 2019, the statistics agency said.
    The drop was lower in the summer, when lockdown ended, at
-18.6%, ISTAT said.
    Almost seven out of 10 residents gave up on a summer holiday
last year, the stats agency said.
    Foreign trips fell by 80.0% while domestic destinations were
less hit, down 37.1%.
    Destinations in Italy accounted for 90.9% of all travel, ISTAT
said. (ANSA).


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