COVID: Italy may ‘reopen’ on June 2 – Garavaglia

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(ANSA) – ROME, APR 8 – Tourism Minister Massimo Garavaglia
said Thursday that it was necessary to schedule in advance the
easing of COVID-19 restrictions to give businesses time to
prepare, adding that the Republic Day holiday on June 2 was a
possible date for the nation to substantially “reopen”.
    Shopkeepers, hoteliers, bar owners and other people whose
businesses have been shut by the restrictions have staged a
series of protests in many Italian cities this week, including a
demonstration outside the Lower House in Rome on Tuesday that
turned ugly.
    “There are businesses that can open from one day to the next,
such as a barber,” Garavaglia told La7 television.
    “Others, such as large hotels, cannot.
    “It is necessary to monitor the data and, on the basis of the
data, reopen as soon as possible.
    “We need to plan to be fast, otherwise the others will overtake
    “June 2 is our national holiday and it could be the date of the
    Regional Affairs Minister Mariastella Gelmini said the
restrictions will be eased in a major way in May, adding that
some limitations may be dropped as early as April 20. (ANSA).


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