‘Caravaggio’ discovered at Madrid auction house

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(ANSA) – ROME, APR 8 – Top Italian art critic Vittorio Sgarbi
says he has discovered a lost Caravaggio at a Madrid auction
    The painting, The Crown of Thorns, attributed to Spanish
17th-century master José de Ribero aka Spagnoletto, was due to
go on sale at the Casa Ansorena auctioneers Thursday, but has
now been withdrawn after the owners “had doubts on its
authorship”, the house said.
    Sgarbi was sent a picture of the painting by an artist friend
last month who told him it was by Italian 17th century great
Mattia Preti.
    But as soon as he saw it Sgarni said he recognised the hand of
Caravaggio, the painter who revolutionised art in the Mannerist
period and whose works are among the rarest and most prized on
the art circuit.
    “I see it, realise that the work is by Caravaggio and think that
with the help of funding I can get it back to Italy,” Sgarbi
told the Italian press Thursday.
    The last rediscovered Caravaggio, believed to eb his lost
Judith and Holofernes, was valued at up to $170 million before a
French auction in 2019, when a mystery bidder stepped in ahead
of the sale to get it for an undisclosed price. (ANSA).


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