AstraZeneca jab only recommended for over-60s

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(ANSA) – ROME, APR 8 – Italy’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign
risks being held back again after the nation’s health
authorities, and those of other EU states, recommended the
AstraZeneca jab only be used for over-60s due to possible links
to rare cases of blood clots.
    The Higher Health Council (CSS) said a causal connection has
not been established but added that a link was plausible given
that, while still rare, the number of blood clots after
vaccination was higher than expected in under-60s, but not for
    The CSS stressed that the AstraZeneca vaccine has not been
banned for under-60s and anyone who has had the first dose of it
can go on to have the second.
    Nevertheless, the new recommendations mean Italy’s vaccination
plan will have to change, with many of the bookings made for
this month in need of being cancelled or postponed and the
administration of around 2.3 million second doses to be managed.
    The vaccination campaign has not moved as fast as had been hoped
so far, in part because of delays in the delivery of doses by
the pharmaceutical companies and in part due to the poor
performance of some regions in rolling out the doses that they
    The government has set a target of giving our half a million
shots a day, but that threshold is still distant.
    Over eight million people have had at least one COVID-19 vaccine
dose in Italy so far and more than 3.6 million are fully
vaccinated as they have had both the first and second doses.


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