Turin market traders block street in COVID lockdown protest

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(ANSA) – TURIN, APR 7 – Turin market traders on Wednesday
blocked street in the Piedmont capital in a protest against
their prolonged closure due to COVID-19 restrictions.
    The protest came a day after an anti-lockdown protest by
hospitality operators outside parliament in Rome turned violent
with one police officer hospitalised and seven people arrested
including rightist militants.
    It also came a day after market traders blocked a motorway near
Caserta causing hours-long gridlock.
    Mask-less protests against COVID-linked closures and calling for
reopenings have become more frequent in Italy recently as a
second round of government economic support measures has been
    In Turin Wednesday the traders were joined by several
shopowners, including some whose shops are open.
    They shouted slogans including “We are all necessary”, “we want
to work” and “we can’t wait any longer”.
    The protesters were met by city commerce councillor Alberto
Sacco who told them he would take their demands to the city
    Meanwhile there was a similar protest in the Tuscan city of
Pistoia where traders set up a fake market and pretended to sell
goods. (ANSA).


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