Sons of San Patrignano Community founder sue Netflix

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(ANSA) – ROME, APR 7 – The sons of the late founder of
Comunità di San Patrignano, a Italian community that helps
addicts, are suing Netflix for aggravated defamation, Corriere
Romagna reported on Wednesday.
    Andrea and Giacomo Muccioli allege Netflix’s documentary series ‘SanPa: Sins of the Savior’ gives a distorted picture of their
father Vincenzo and the community he founded in 1978, the report
    The sons refer to allusions in the series that Vincenzo Muccioli
may have died of AIDS and could have been gay.
    They filed a complaint with Carabinieri police a few days ago, Corriere Romagna reported.
    In January the community itself released a statement saying that
the docuseries gives a picture that is “summary and partial,
with a narration that mainly focuses on the testimonies of
detractors… without clearly informing the audience of the
nature of these sources”.
    It stressed that civil and criminal cases regarding alleged
mistreatment “ended with rulings in favour of the Community”.


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