Return to school hit by hacker attack

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(ANSA) – ROME, APR 7 – The return to school in Italy after
the Easter holidays has been hit by a hacker attack on the
electronic register platform provided by Axios.
    This platform is used by 40% of Italy’s schools for their
electronic registers.
    Teachers use the registers, among other things, to assign
    Axios said the service should be back to normal by the end of
    Around 5.6 million pupils in Italy, 66% of the nation’s 8.5
million school students, were able to return to class on
Wednesday after the Easter holidays.
    Before Easter around eight in 10 pupils were having lessons via
distance learning because of COVID-19 restrictions.
    But this proportion has dropped to a third, around 2.9 million
pupils, after the government decided that students should
physically return to class even in high-contagion-risk red
zones, up to the first year of middle school. (ANSA).


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