Man hires hitman on Dark Web to disfigure ex

(ANSA) – ROME, APR 7 – A 40-year-old Milanese man hired a
hitman on the Dark Web to disfigure his ex-girlfriend with acid
and break her back so as to leave her in a wheelchair, Rome
prosecutors said after arresting the man before the hit could be
carried out Wednesday.
    The man, a manager at Italian energy company Enel, allegedly
paid the hitman around 10,000 euros in four installments, police
    He was to have completed payments using Bitcoins, police said.
    He was said to have paid the hitman to “cause very serious
lesions to his ex”, police said.
    “The man had sought an Italian killer willing to break his
ex-girlfriend0s back so as to leave her paralysed from the waist
down and forced to get around in a wheelchair, as well as
throwing acid on her face,” said the arrest warrant.
    Police said the man had not accepted the woman’s decision to
break off their relationship, which lasted from November 2018 to
July 2020.
    The man allegedly bombarded her with messages to try and meet up
and get back together – activity for which he has also been
charged with stalking.
    He allegedly got in touch with the hitman on the Dark Web site “Internet Assassins”, police said. (ANSA).


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