Illegal ‘anti-COVID’ Chinese medicines seized

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(ANSA) – TURIN, APR 7 – Turin health police on Wednesday
seized more than 6,000 illegal Chinese medical products
including some billed as anti-COVID treatments.
    The products did not have the necessary authorization from the
European Medicines Agency (EMA) and Italian drug agency AIFA,
police said.
    The probe began in mid-January when several dozen packets of
Chinese medicine were discovered inside a food shop in the
Piedmont capital.
    Police said they had come from warehouses in Prato and near
Florence owned by a 50-year-old Chinese man who has been cited
in the case.
    Florence police assisted in the operation, judicial sources
    Most of the products were in sachets and destined for the ethnic
product market, police said. (ANSA).


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