Venice unveils vaccination vaporetto

(ANSA) – VENICE, APR 6 – Venice has unveiled its first
COVID-19 vaccination vaporetto.
    The mobile jab station on board the water taxi has enabled the
island of Sant Erasmo to vaccinate all its over 80s.
    The boat, with an unusual red livery, docked at the pier usually
used by tourists and waited while the recipients calmly queued
to come aboard and get their jabs.
    Some elderly also came over from the nearby islands of Murano
and Isola delle Vignole so as to avoid having to go farther
afield to get their vaccinations.
    One couple sailed over from Murano on their little motor boat.
    The parish priest and the food buyer on the island proved
crucial to the success of the operation, local officials said.
    “As we continue the vaccine rollout,” said health official
Edgardo Contato, “We are working to directly bring the vaccine
to the elderly who live in isolated areas”. (ANSA).


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