Market trader protest blocks A1 motorway near Caserta

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(ANSA) – CASERTA, APR 6 – A protest by market traders on
Tuesday blocked the A1 main north-south motorway near Caserta
north of Naples.
    The traders are protesting the loss of their livelihoods due to
COVID-19 restrictions, and the alleged lack of government
support measures.
    The traders blocked the northbound carriageway and unfurled
banners saying ‘If I Don’t Earn How Can I Pay You’, ‘Make Street
Trading Safe’ and “The COVID Decree Isn’t Working, Change It’.
    The protest by about 200 traders caused tailbacks measuring
kilometres and delays on all the local road network.
    “Our intention,” said union leader Peppe Magliocca, “is to go to
Rome to protest against an absurd situation, with so many
traders on the verge of poverty, who feel abandoned”.
    Campania Governor Vincenzo De Luca, on his way to a press
conference on a building work at a local prison, was among those
caught up in the protest. (ANSA).


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