Mafia boss arrested at Easter lunch

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(ANSA) – PALERMO, APR 6 – A Palermo Mafia boss who has been
living in Brazil for the last few years was arrested when he
returned home to the Sicilian capital for Easter lunch with his
    Giuseppe Calvaruso, 44, head of the powerful Pagliarelli clan,
was nabbed as he was celebrating the Christian holiday at his
former home.
    He was due to fly back to Brazil on Tuesday, police said.
    Four other mafiosi were arrested with him: Giovanni Caruso, 50,
Silvestre Maniscalco, 4, Francesco Paolo Bagnasco, 44, and
Giovanni Spanò, 59.
    All five are accused of mafia association, extortion, grievous
bodily harm, abduction, and falsely claiming assets, all
offences aggravated by using mafia mwthods.
    Police said Calvaruso had recently cracked down on unauthorised
robberies by young mafiosi.
    They also said the clan had been making “major” investments in
the restaurant sector.
    Calvaruso’s arrest gained plaudits from several politicians
including veteran centre-left Palermo Mayor Leoluca Orlando who
thanked police and called it a “tough blow” to the Mafia.


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