Italy reverts to being split between red and orange zones

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(ANSA) – ROME, APR 6 – After the whole nation spent three
days in lockdown over Easter to prevent COVID-19 contagion,
Italy went back to being split between high-contagion-risk red
zones and medium-high-risk orange zones on Tuesday.
    Nine regions are currently red zones, meaning shops selling
non-essential items are closed and you are only allowed to be
outside of the home for work or health reasons or other
situations of necessity, such as to do the shopping, and to do
    Eleven regions are orange zones, where all shops can open and
the restrictions are much looser.
    In both red and orange zones, bars and restaurants are only
allowed to do takeaways and home deliveries.
    But the big difference with respect to before Easter is that the
government has decided all schools up to middle school can
reopen, including in red zones.
    As a result six out of 10 students are now having class in
school rather than via distance learning.
    The government has decided that Italy will not have
moderate-risk yellow zones, where, among other things, bars and
restaurants can serve customers at their tables until 18:00, in
    However, it will be possible to contemplate easing some
restrictions in some regions as of April 20 if the contagion
data improves significantly.
    Central government is set to have talks with the regions on
Thursday to discuss this. (ANSA).


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