Girl saved after being born with gut in place of lung

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(ANSA) – TURIN, APR 6 – A 17-month-olf girl had a lifesaving
operation in Turin Monday after being born with a rare
congenitial malformation that had placed part of her intestine
where one of her lungs should have been.
    The girl had two operations, the first to correct her diaphragm
and the second to transplant a new liver.
    Both the girl, Daria Maria, and the donor had had COVID-19.
    The operations took place in Turin’s Città della Salute
    “The rare malformation leads to a full-blown hole in the
diaphragm allowing the intestine to move into the chest and
compromise the normal development of the lungs,” doctors said.
    “The first thing we’re going to do now is to take her to the
park,” said the girl’s father, Adrian.
    “She has never left hospital since being born.
    “Now we’ll show her the sun, the trees, the leaves”. (ANSA).


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