Fake will gang busted in Milan

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(ANSA) – MILAN, APR 6 – MIlan police have busted a gang who
allegedly faked wills of people who died intestate and without
surviving relatives to pocket all their assets, judicial sources
said Tuesday.
    The gang allegedly used a bogus American notary public to run
their scams, police said.
    Milan police urgently sequestered assets worth a total of one
million euros that was left by a 70-year-old Milanese man who
was found dead in his Milan home in November 2018, about six
months after he died alone there.
    Police said a Calabrian lawyer, Giuseppe Marra, was one of the
gang leaders.
    The gang, composed of at least five members, operated similar
scams in the provinces of Mantua and Vicenza, Venaria Reale near
Turin, in the province of Genoa, at Nogara (Verona), at
Castelfranco Veneto (Treviso) and at Aviano (Pordenone), police
    The scam consisted of naming a bogus heir in America who was
allegedly represented by the fake New York notary, named as
Carmine J. Guadagno. (ANSA).


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