Three videos ‘show Biot copying documents’

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(ANSA) – ROME, APR 2 – At least three videos, shot by a hidden camera since March 18, show navy captain Walter Biot taking screenshots of classified documents on the personal computer in his office to be passed on to Russian officials, investigative sources said Friday.
    The camera was installed by the defence chief of staff’s office who had grown suspicious of Biot’s behaviour, the sources said.
    The first video was taken on March 18, the second on March 23 and the third on March 25, the sources said.
    Biot, 56, has been arrested on suspicion of passing military secrets to two Russian officials, who have been expelled from Italy.
    He was caught Tuesday night allegedly giving one of the officials classified documents on NATO telecommunications.
    The judge who remanded him in custody Thursday said that had not been an isolated incident and he was a “dangerous” man who had “unscrupulously” betrayed the institutions he was supposed to serve.
    The judge said Biot used at least four smartphones and other ruses to carry out his alleged spying. (ANSA).


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