Salvini slams Speranza over ‘ideological choices’

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(ANSA) – ROME, APR 2 – Nationalist League party leader Matteo
Salvini on Friday slammed Health Minister Roberto Speranza over
an alleged “ideological” choice to keep Italy in COVID lockdown
through April, allegedly ignoring the science.
    “Why does Speranza say he wants to keep everything closed for
the whole of April without taking the science into account,”
said the rightwing former interior minister.
    “It’s an ideological choice. I rely on the science, on the other
hand. I’m fed up with ideological choices at the expense of the
    “Speranza has yet to understand that the damage from unjustified
lockdowns will cause damage for years”.
    Salvini went on: “Keeping Italians locked down after Easter,
even though the sciences says we can reopen in safety, would be
    Speranza is a prominent member of the small leftwing Free and
Equal (LeU) party, which like the League and virtually all other
Italian parties supports Mario Draghi’s national unity
government. (ANSA).


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