Much-needed batch of 1.3 mn AstraZeneca jabs arrives

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(ANSA) – ROME, APR 2 – Defence Undersecretary Giorgio Mulè
said Friday that a much-needed batch of 1.3 million doses of the
AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine had arrived at the Pratica di Mare
military airport near Rome.
    Italy’s vaccination rollout has speeded up significantly in the
last two weeks.
    But a lack of vaccine doses had threatened to hold back the
    Lazio, the region Rome belongs to, said Thursday that it would
have to suspend vaccinations within 24 hours if it did not get
new supplies.
    The new AstraZeneca jabs will be distributed throughout the
nation in the afternoon, with around 200,000 doses going to
    “We are working with our guts on the ground, the defence
ministry, the civil protection department and the regional
health authorities, to get up to vaccinating 500,000 people a
day,” Mulè told Radio24.. (ANSA).


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