M5S will be re-founded not restyled says Conte

(ANSA) – ROME, APR 2 – Ex-premier Giuseppe Conte has said he wants to orchestrate a fundamental overhaul of the 5–Star Movement (M5S) and not just cosmetic change.
    Conte agreed to lead a revamp of the anti-establishment after his second coalition government collapsed at the start of the year.
    The Internet-based movement was only founded in 2009 but it fast won support among people disaffected by Italy’s traditional parties and it was the individual group that won most votes in the 2018 general election.
    It has now been part of three coalition governments though and, with the compromises that come with being in power, some of its support has fallen away recently.
    “I’m here with you today because I accepted the complex, fascinating challenge of re-founding the 5-Star Movement after being called on by many of you and by (founder) Beppe Grillo,” Conte told an M5S assembly on Thursday.
    “It is not an operation of restyling or political marketing but a courageous labour of regeneration of the movement, without reneging the past”.
    The ex-premier said he will propose a new statute and put it to an online vote of members. (ANSA).


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