Stellantis to triple electric car sales in 2021 – Elkann

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(ANSA) – TURIN, APR 1 – Stellantis will triple sales of its
electric cars in 2021, Chairman John Elkann told shareholders of
Agnelli family holding company Exor on Thursday.
    He said the Italo-American-French carmaker “will be able to
significantly increase its current range of electrified models.
    “In 2021, with 11 high-voltage models, we foresee almost
tripling our global sales of vehicles (BEV and PHEV), from
139,000 to 400,000”.
    In his letter to the Exor shareholders, Elkann also said that
late Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) chief Sergio Marchionne
would have “forcefully approved” FCA’s merger with France’s PSA
at the start of this year. (ANSA).


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