Italian Navy ‘spy’ was desperate says wife

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(ANSA) – ROME, APR 1 – The wife of an Italian Navy officer
accused of passing classified military documents to Russian
officials has said he was “desperate” because of the family’s
economic situation.
    She also said that any material he handed over would not have
compromised national security.
    Italy on Wednesday expelled two Russian officials after frigate
captain Walter Biot was allegedly caught handing over documents
for 5,000 euros late on Tuesday.
    Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio described the espionage as a “hostile act of extreme gravity” on Moscow’s part.
    “He had truly been in (a state of) crisis for some time because
he was afraid that he would not be able to face up to the all
spending we have,” Biot’s wife Claudia Carbonara told Thursday’s
Corriere della Sera.
    “We have been impoverished by COVID.
    “My husband did not want to screw the country, if you will
excuse my language.
    “And he did not this time either.
    “I assure you that he gave the minimum he could give to the
Russians. Nothing compromising.
    “He is not stupid or irresponsible.
    “He was just desperate. Desperate about our future and that of
our children”. (ANSA).


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