Govt maintains strict COVID-19 restrictions

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(ANSA) – ROME, APR 1 – Premier Mario Draghi’s cabinet has
approved a new package of COVID-19 measures to come into force
when the current ones elapse after the Easter holidays next
    The new decree maintains the current system throughout April in
which regions are classed either as high-contain risk red zones
or medium-high-risk orange zones, with no moderate-risk yellow
zones where restrictions are much looser.
    However, the decree also says the government can ease
restrictions significantly in regions if the virus data
    In red zones all restaurants and bars are closed, except for
takeaways and home deliveries, and all non-essential shops are
closed too.
    In orange zones, shops can do business but restaurants and bars
must stay closed, except for takeaways and home deliveries..
    In yellow zones, shops are open and bars and restaurants are
able to serve customers at their tables until 6pm.
    The package includes new rules regarding health workers who
refuse to be vaccinated for the coronavirus, making it possible
for them to be demoted or suspended without pay.
    It also says compulsory vaccinations for all health staff will
be extended to pharmacists too.
    The decree gives a ‘shield’ from criminal prosecution for health
workers involved in vaccinations.
    Medical associations had called for this after several health
workers were put under investigation when a person died in
Sicily last month after being vaccinated.
    Schools up to the first year of middle school will reopen in red
    The package also calls for ideas for moving cruise liners berths
out of Venice, and says civil-service competitive examinations
can take place ‘in presence’ from May 3. (ANSA).


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