Checks of COVID restrictions intensified over Easter

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(ANSA) – ROME, APR 1 – The interior ministry on Thursday told Italy’s prefects to intensify checks on the respect of COVID-19 restrictions over Easter.
    The whole nation will be a red zone from Saturday to Easter Monday in order to prevent social interaction fuelling contagion.
    This means shops selling non-essential items must close, bars and restaurants can only do takeaways and home deliveries and people need a good reason to be outside the home.
    It will be possible, however, for up to two adults and their children under 14 to visit the home of another person, with no more than one visit a day, and to attend religious services.
    Police have been told to focus checks on people who are travelling and to pay special attention areas likely to attract groups of people, such as parks and beaches. (ANSA).


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