13 cited in street brawl near Catania set up on social media

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(ANSA) – CATANIA, APR 1 – Italian police on Thursday cited 13
people, mostly youths, for a street brawl near Catania on March
29 that was arranged on social media, the latest of such
open-air confrontations between teen gangs across Italy.
    The dust-up took place at Aci Catena, with participants wielding
sticks, baseball bats and chains, police said.
    The fight stemmed from the ‘intrusion’ of a 16-year-old boy into
a 20-year-old man’s chat session on Houseparty and Instagram,
police said.
    The pair decided to square off in the local piazza accompanied
by friends and relatives, their ages ranging from 13 to 56,
police said.
    One person was seriously injured in the encounter, sustaining
head injuries, and is still in critical condition in a Catania
    The 13 people have been cited for aggravated affray and damages.
    Police seized two baseball bats, a truncheon and a chain.


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