Homophobia bill risks causing trouble for govt says League

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 31 – Matteo Salvini’s League said
Wednesday that a drive by some parties to move forward with a
bill against homophobia could cause trouble for Premier Matteo
Draghi’s government.
    The League is unhappy that several other parties supporting the
executive, including the centre-left Democratic Party and the
5-Star Movement (M5S), have requested that the bill be put on
the schedule of the Senate’s justice committee.
    The bill features measures to prevent and combat discrimination
and violence based on motives linked to a person’s sex, sexual
orientation or gender identity.
    “It is a divisive and ideological issue that is not part of the
political agenda,” League Senate whip Massimiliano Romeo told
    “Forcing things with such divisive issues risks compromising
relations within parliament and the climate of support and
national unity that has been created and this could have an
impact on the government”. (ANSA).


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