Gladiator show opens in Naples

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(ANSA) – NAPLES, MAR 31 – A show on gladiators featuring the
most famous collection of gladiatorial weapons and accoutrements
in the world opened virtually at Naples’ National Archaeological
Museum (MANN) on Wednesday.
    The video promoting the show bears the message “only if we stay
united will we win”, echoing a famous line from the film
    Of the over 160 pieces on show, more than 50 are the arms held
by MANN, which have been accompanied by precious loans.
    Museum director Paolo Giulierini said “the show aims to tell not
only the myth but also the human dimension of the gladiator.
    Like gladiators, today we all feel a bit wounded and suffering.
    But taking as our example their courage and tenacity, we are
ready to rise up again”. (ANSA).


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