‘Featherweight’ premature baby has life-saving heart op

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(ANSA) – MILAN, MAR 31 – A ‘featherweight’ premature baby
weighing just 1,100 grammes had a life-saving heart operation at
a Milan hospital, the lightest person in Italy ever to be
operated on with a miniature catheter, sources said Wednesday.
    The operation at Niguarda Hospital corrected a congenital
cardiac anomaly in the baby.
    The technique used was introduced at Niguarda in 2019.
    It has been used in just a handful of hospitals worldwide.
    “The baby boy is well now,” said neonatal intensive care chief
Fabio Mosca.
    “Even though a long path awaits him, we can say without a doubt
that the worst is over”. (ANSA).


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