Woman, 108, sends ‘big kisses’ after getting jab

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(ANSA) – POTENZA, MAR 30 – A 108-year-old woman sent “big
kisses to everyone” after becoming the oldest Italian so far to
get the COVID-19 jab in Basilicata on Tuesday.
    “Thank you, thank you, big kisses, big kisses to all,” said
Natalina Adelina Ferraro in the small town of PIcerno near
    Born on Christmas Day in 1912, when the Spanish flu was still a
few years off, Ferraro has always lived in Basilicata.
    She had seven children, four of whom are still alive and one of
whom, Egidia, lives with her.
    One of her granddaughters is the Swiss-born Greek-Italian
actress Sofia Milos, known for parts in the Sopranos, CSI Miami,
ER and Criminal Minds.
    The last time Milos came to Italy was for Nonna Natalina’s
birthday in 2019, when the coronavirus was just appearing in
    According to the Basilicata health agency, Ferraro is the oldest
Italian to have been vaccinated, ahead of two 107-year-old women
in Comiso in Sicily and at Cremona, and a 105-year-old who
entered the clinic singing for joy at Taggia near Imperia.


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