Italy COVID response eased impact on economy – IMF

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 30 – Italy’s response to the COVID-19
pandemic “has been in general effective in attenuating the
impact of the health crisis on the population and the economy,”
the International Monetary Fund said Tuesday.
    The IMF said the outlook for Italy’s economy was “contingent to
the path of the pandemic and support policies”.
    It said Italian growth this year would be around 4.25%.
    The IMF said a “credible” plan for cutting back debt once
recovery is assured should accompany COVID-19-linked spending.
    IT added: “Stimuli will be necessary also after the health
crisis is over to limit the scars on the labor market and build
a greener and fairer economy”.
    A boost to investments, it said, could make up for lost ground
on productivity and hasten the transition to a greener and
fairer economy.
    The recovery also depends on making sure credit flows to
businesses with solid growth prospects, the IMF said.
    The Milan bourse was 0.8% up after the IMF statement. (ANSA).


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