Husband arrested in 2009 disappearance of wife

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(ANSA) – PERUGIA, MAR 30 – Italian police on Tuesday arrested
an Italian man in connection with the disappearance of his
35-year-old wife in October 2009.
    Police said the man, Roberto Lo Giudice, was a suspect in the
disappearance of Barbara Corvi, from Montecampano di Amelia near
    According to the TV missing persons programme ‘Chi l’ha visto?’
(Who Has Seen Them?), the couple had a row the day before the
woman disappeared after she confessed she had had an affair.
    Lo Giudice’s brother Maurizio is also under investigation in the
probe, judicial sources said.
    Prosecutors in Terni reopened the probe on the basis of a
statement from an informant from the Calabria-based ‘Ndrangheta
mafia, sources said.
    Tern chief prosecutor Alberto Liguori told reporters that Corvi
was killed by her husband out of jealousy, linked to economic
    He said the murder was the product of a “mafia-like mentality”,
but was not linked to the mafia as such. (ANSA).


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