COVID-19 vaccinations in pharmacies get under way

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 30 – Italy started vaccinating people for
COVID-19 in pharmacies on Tuesday, with Genoa leading the way.
    “Genoa is the first (place) in Italy to administer vaccines in
pharmacies,” said the northern city’s mayor, Marco Bucci.
    “It is a big step forward for the whole of Italy”.
    At the moment 52 pharmacies are involved in the vaccination
    When up to speed the area’s pharmacies will be able to vaccinate
400 people aged 70 to 79 a day, although not people considered
especially vulnerable.
    “Liguria gets there before everyone when it wants to and we have
done it again,” said Liguria Governor Giovanni Toti “I think we are on the cutting edge.
    “This won’t just help solve the problem of the pandemic today
and the vaccination campaign, which is set to grow as soon as
new vaccines arrive, it is also a structural intervention for
the years to come, when we will have to do campaigns for booster
vaccines”. (ANSA).


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