80% Italians to be vaccinated by September says Figliuolo

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 30 – Some 80% of Italian will be
vaccinated against COVID-19 by the end of September, Emergency
Commissioner General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo told the
parliamentary social affairs committees in outlining the
government’s goals on Tuesday.
    Figliuolo said priority would be given to the most vulnerable.
    Figliuolo said there had been a “change of pace” in Italy’s
vaccine rollout “which is bringing the first results: the
overall supply of vaccines in the month of March alone amounts
to over 7.6 million doses, out of a total of 14.2 million
achieved in the first quarter”.
    Figliuolo said another eight million doses would arrive in
    He said the “pool of vaccinators must be broadened” with family
doctors, private studios, medical students, sports doctors,
paediatricians, dentists and pharmacists all becoming involved.
    Figliuolo said another 420 vaccination sites had been found
including buildings belonging to the Italian Bishops Conference
    These were on top of the currently active 2,000 or more sites.
    The new sites included supermarkets, gyms, schools and voluntary
association buildings, Figliuolo said. (ANSA).


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