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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 30 – Some 40% of Italian households are
struggling to pay the rent amid COVID-linked economic
difficulties, the -Bank of Italy said Tuesday.
    “Almost 40% of tenants and over 30% of indebted families have
said they are having trouble keeping up the payment of their
rents or mortgage installments,” said a report on household debt
during COVID.
    The report said the second wave of the virus had hit Italian
families’ incomes hard after a recovery over the summer, albeit
less hard than during the first wave in spring 2020.
    A third of the sample saw their incomes fall, and they were not
hopeful about recouping their lost income this year, the report
    Household spending has also fallen sharply due to COVID
lockdowns and fears, the report said.
    Spending has dropped more sharply than incomes, it said. (ANSA).


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