Three more regions become COVID red zones

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 29 – Calabria, Tuscany and Val d’Aosta on
Monday joined nine other regions/autonomous provinces classed as
high COVID-19 risk red zones, meaning that over half the country
is currently in lockdown.
    However, Lazio, the region around Rome, turns from red to
medium-high risk orange on Tuesday.
    In red zones, all shops selling non-essential items are closed
and people are only out of of the home for work or if they have
a another valid reason.
    At the moment, all schools are closed in red zones too although
the government has said that pupils up to the first year of
middle school will be able to return to class, even in red
zones, after Easter..
    Premier Mario Draghi on Monday is having talks with Italy’s
regions and other local authorities about the COVID-19
vaccination campaign, which central government is trying to ramp
up. (ANSA).


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