Man held woman captive, raped her for months

(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 29 – Bari police said Monday that they
have arrested a 31-year-old Egyptian man for allegedly holding a
young woman captive for months and repeatedly raping her.
    The 21-year-old victim’s ordeal could have lasted even longer if
the police had not followed up after finding the man was armed
with a knife and behaving suspiciously during a spot check
triggered by him not wearing his facemask properly.
    They decided to search his home and found the woman locked up
    The victim said she is now pregnant.
    She moved in with the man voluntarily after being put in touch
with him via acquaintances following a row with her family last
    They lived normally as flat mates at first but then the man
allegedly held her captive and started sexually abusing her.
    The suspect, who was named as Ismail Mahmed, has been put in
jail. (ANSA).


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