Easter poverty crisis ‘worst this century’

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 29 – Italy’s Easter poverty crisis will be
the worst since the start of the century this year with COVID-19
having pushed 5.6 million Italians into absolute poverty, farm
group Coldiretti said Monday presenting food solidarity
programmes to Premier Mario Draghi at the premier’s office in
    “Never before have so many Italians been in difficulty at
Easter,” Colduretti said, estimating that the poor this Easter
will be one million more than last.
    The percentage of poor in the north of Italy has risen from 6.8%
to 9.4%, the worst hit part of Italy in the health emergency,
Coldiretti said.
    The crisis has hit over 1.3 million children and under-18s, the
association said, 209,000 more than last Easter, (ANSA).


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