No blanket ban on vaccine exports to UK – Draghi

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 26 – Premier Mario Draghi said Friday that
the EU’s tighter rules on the exportation of COVID-19 vaccines
outside the bloc will not lead to a blanket ban on exports to
the UK.
    “The ban should be applied, above all, to companies that do not
respect the pacts,” Draghi told a news conference.
    He said a “total block” of vaccines to UK would “interrupt
production of the vaccine as well as triggering political
    “We must not get to that point and we will not,” he added.
    Draghi said that Italy had been the first country in the EU to
raise the issue of putting restrictions on the export of
COVID-19 vaccines.
    “Now, unfortunately, it is an issue that everyone is focused
on,” he added.
    “The criteria announced by the Commission is, in part, a
modification of the previous criteria,” Draghi said.
    “Beforehand, the only condition for a ban on the exports of a
certain vaccine was the failure to respect a contract by a
    “Yesterday, the Commission extended the criteria introducing the
words proportionality and reciprocity.
    “What the country the vaccine is headed to does, whether it
allows exports or not, also counts.
    “Proportionality is a more slender criteria regarding vaccine
deliveries to a country that already has a high percentage of
people vaccinated”. (ANSA).


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