Mother and ex get life for killing 20-mt-old boy

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(ANSA) – NOVARA, MAR 26 – An Italian mother and her then
partner got life imprisonment Friday for killing a 20-month-old
boy in Novara in May 2019.
    Gaia Russo and Nicolas Musi were found guilty of the murder of
Leonardo Musi.
    The court upheld a sentence request from the prosecutor in the
case, Silvia Baglivo.
    Leonardo was found to be dead when he arrived at a hospital in
the northern town.
    The pair used the right to remain silent in questioning.
    Nicolas Musi, 24, was found guilty of killing Leonardo by
repeated beatings.
    Gaia Russo, also 24, was found guilty of doing nothing to stop
the beatings. (ANSA).


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