Cat thrown off train found OK in station after 5 days

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(ANSA) – PESCARA, MAR 26 – A cat mistakenly thrown off a
Lecce-Turin train at the weekend has been found at the station
where he was ejected in good health five days after the
    Grisù, a 14-year-old male, got away from his owners during the
journey from Lecce to Turin and the conductor threw him off the
train at the station in Pescara.
    The owners returned from Turin to Pescara to look for him and
were helped by the Italian association for the protection of
animals, ENPA, which said Friday: “he was found by railway staff
today around eight o’clock in the morning, while he was sitting
comfortably sunbathing in a quiet spot just outside the station,
on the Ancona-bound track”. (ANSA).


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