PD elect Simona Malpezzi Senate whip

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 25 – The Democratic Party’s Senators on
Thursday unanimously elected Simona Malpezzi as their whip in
the Upper House.
    New PD leader Enrico Letta had said he wanted both of the
party’s parliamentary whips to be women.
    Malpezzi said she would give “shape and substance to female
    She said she would “interpret this role with the words,
knowledge and capacity of a woman, without leaving anyone
    Malpezzi’s predecessor, Andrea Marcucci, did not stand to keep
the role after Letta said he wanted women whips but added
Thursday that “the method is wrong”.
    The PD’s Lower House whip, former minister Graziano Delrio, has
said he was ready to step aside to let a woman take over.


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