COVID: We want to make April month of reopening – Salvini

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 25 – League leader Matteo Salvini said
Thursday that he hopes to see Italy’s COVID-19 restrictions
eased in a significant way next month.
    About half of the nation is currently a COVID red zone, meaning,
among other things, that all shops selling non-essential goods
are closed and pupils have to have lessons via distance
    The whole nation will be a red zone for three days over Easter.
    “We are working for April to be the month of rebirth, of
reopening, of revival,” said Salvini, whose party is part of the
broad coalition backing Premier Mario Draghi’s government.
    “The most effective form of support is to (let people) return to
    “The Italian people have hung in for a year. They deserve to
return to (normal) life”. (ANSA).


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