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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 25 – The number of new cases of COVID-19
has started to fall at the national level although infection is
still rising in many regions, the GIMBE health foundation said
on Thursday.
    It said there were 150,033 new cases in Italy between March
17-23 down 4.8% on the 157,677 registered the previous week.
    “Thanks to the restrictions (adopted) in the middle of the third
wave of the COVID-19, the first signs of improvement can be
seen,” GIMBE said in its regular monitoring report.
    “After four consecutive weeks, the rise in the percentage of new
cases has decreased”.
    But the report stressed that pressure on hospitals in general
and intensive-care units in particular was rising
It also said the the number of new cases was still increasing in
10 of Italy’s 21 regions/autonomous provinces. (ANSA).


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