Puglia doctor, 88, studying for 14th uni degree

(ANSA) – FOGGIA, MAR 24 – An 88-year-old doctor from Puglia
is studying for his 14th university degree.
    Leonardo Altobelli, a retired family doctor and former mayor of
Troia near Foggia, turned 88 on March 15.
    “I am the oldest student in the world and the second most
qualified,” he told local media Wednesday.
    As well as his 13 degrees, Altobelli also has a master’s in
criminology which he recently got from Foggia university after
presenting a thesis titled The Hanging.
    He has started a course to get his 14th degree, in investigative
    Altobelli got his first degree, in medicine, from Siena
university in 1969.
    His other degrees include law, political science, literature,
philosophy, archaeology, a double degree in pedagogy, agrarian
science, food sciences and technologies, tourist sciences,
history and biotechnology. (ANSA).


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