Pope cuts cardinals’ pay amid COVID-linked financial crisis

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(ANSA) – VATICAN CITY, MAR 24 – Pope Francis on Wednesday cut
the pay of cardinals, other religious and Holy See staff to help
save jobs in the current COVID-linked financial crisis.
    According to the new Motu Proprio decree, cardinals’ pay will
fall by 10%, and religious officials and staff lower down the
ladder will face smaller cuts.
    Francis said he had “decided to proceed with criteria of
proportionality and progressivity, with the purpose of
safeguarding current jobs”.
    Senior religious will also see their automatic wage hikes
suspended as of April 1.
    The Motu Proprio cuts spending for the staff of the Holy See,
the Governorate of the Vatican State, and of other related
bodies, “considering the financial crisis, aggravated by the
pandemic”. (ANSA).


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