Mother donates liver, saves daughter, 3

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(ANSA) – TURIN, MAR 24 – A 43-year-old woman doctor donated the left part of her liver to her three-year-old daughter saving the girl’s life, sources at Turin’s Molinette Hospital said Wednesday.
    The girl’s life was threatened by a rare congenital illness which had triggered cirrhosis.
    The girl had been on a transplant waiting list for a year and could wait no longer, doctors said.
    Donations from dead people had fallen due to the COVID emergency.
    The operation marks the resumption of the Molinette’s transplant programme 10 years after the last liver transplant there.
    The operation lasted 12 hours and was a complete success.
    Doctors Renato Romagnoli, Fabrizio Gennari, and Roberto Balagna were involved in the op.
    The mother has also made a full recovery and is monitoring her daughter’s progress. (ANSA).


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