COVID: Italy aiming for half million jabs a day – Draghi

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAR 24 – Premier Mario Draghi said Wednesday that his government is aiming to administer half a million COVID-19 vaccine doses a day in the near future.
    “We are working to compensate for the delays of recent months,” Draghi told the Senate as he reported to parliament before this week’s EU summit.
    “An acceleration of the vaccination campaign can already be seen in the figures.
    “In the first three weeks of March the average number of doses administered was 170,000 a day, more than double the average of the two previous months.
    “Our aim is to get the pace up to half a million a day.
    “A year after (the start of the pandemic) we must do everything possible to solve the crisis,” he added.
    “We know that we have four safe, effective vaccines to do this and in April we will have the Johnson & too.
    “The aim is to vaccinate as many people as possible in the shortest possible time”.
    The nation’s vaccine rollout has not yet fully taken off, largely because of a shortage of doses.
    But the vaccination campaign has also been held back by the poor performance of some regions.
    There have also been differences between regions over which groups of people were being given priority.
    Draghi said the differences between regions were “difficult to accept” and that the regional governments must “follow the priorities of the national plan”.
    “While some regions follow the instructions of the health ministry, others neglect their elderly in favour of other groups, probably on the basis of their bargaining power,” he said..
    “We have to be united in exiting the pandemic like we were in suffering together in previous months”.
    He said it was important to achieve “strategic vaccine autonomy”.
    “We have to construct a supply chain that is not vulnerable to shocks and decisions made abroad,” the premier continued.
    “We have already started to establish partnership agreements with international companies for production in Italy”.
    He added that it was necessary to “reinforce the credibility of the EU with regards to the vaccination campaign”. (ANSA).


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